Automate business processes and reduce overhead costs with RPA

What’s the Trend?

Organizations leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate business processes and improve user interactions. RPA allows the business to improve data quality to support analytics, enhance CX, drive information governance, and process higher business volumes at a fraction of the time and cost.

Our Approach

Semaphore’s Semantic AI capabilities take RPA systems to the next level where information brings value and visibility to the enterprise. It enables text analytics to examine information in new ways to answer questions you couldn’t answer before.

Provide context and meaning to the RPA process

Semaphore semantically enriches enterprise information with context and meaning, extracts data and facts from text, and classifies documents so they can be accurately tagged and directed to the next step in the process pipeline.

Improve data quality

When information is semantically harmonized, fidelity improves, automation becomes flexible, and a broad range of processes and use cases can be handled without breaking.

Integrated processing with Semaphore Cloud

Semaphore Cloud integrates with business processes such as invoice, claim, and medication processing, to accept text, enrich and extract the relevant information, and return it for further processing without human interaction.

Semaphore Enterprise works alongside RPA processes

Semaphore’s on-premise implementation integrates with RPA systems to work-alongside and enhance processes such as contract lifecycle management (CLM); KYC & FATCA reporting in banking; and Oil and gas drilling rights and analysis, etc.

White Paper

Taking RPA to the Next Level with Semaphore

Semaphore’s Semantic AI capabilities provide context and meaning to Robotic Process Automation tools.

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