Drive Digital Transformation with Semaphore by MarkLogic

What’s the Initiative?

As organizations shift focus from data-generating to data-powered, the ability to incorporate all information – structured and unstructured - is key to gauge market demand, drive engagement, and identify growth opportunities.

Our Approach

When all information is available decisions are accurate. Semaphore enables organizations to drive effective marketing, increase revenue, and improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and risk management.

Drive Digital Transformation with Semaphore, Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform
Model Building

Leverage models to harmonize language, connect data silos, and align knowledge across the enterprise.

AI and Machine Learning

Identify sentiment, context, and meaning in information using AI, machine learning, and NLP to gain insight.

Classification & Language Services

Apply precise and consistent metadata to information to improve data quality and findability.

Fact Extraction

Extract key data points from content for analysis and predictive analytics.

White Paper

Semaphore and Big Data analytics

Semaphore supports Big Data initiatives by generating metadata from unstructured information to support BI and analytics, managing connections between structured and unstructured data, and navigating metadata to support decision-making.

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