Customer Experience

In today’s hyper-connected world, the shift to digital information presents unique challenges for organizations who want to leverage internal information to drive customer self-service delivery and improve ROI.

Recent studies show:

  • 37% of customers call a support line if they cannot find the right information online.
  • 23% of customers email customer support if they cannot find the right information online.
  • By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their interactions without talking to humans – this includes sales, marketing, help and customer support.

This trend toward customer self-service, requires that users are able to quickly locate the information they need, using a vocabulary they understand, in real-time. When customer support is engaged the cost to the organization increases. If information is not readily available, the cost to the enterprise in wasted time, customer satisfaction and frustration is considerable and in some cases, products and services become unprofitable.

Semaphore, Smartlogic’s semantic solution, connects the language of your organization with the language of your customer to streamline support and deliver the right information at the right time. Semaphore provides model management, auto classification, semantic search and visualization tools that:

  • Enrich all enterprise information with precise, complete and consistent metadata that defines what the asset is and what it is about
  • Harmonize disparate information sources throughout the organization against a common vocabulary
  • Extract facts, entities and relationships using auto classification, natural language processing and sophisticated subject and thematic classification strategies

Semaphore integrates with content management systems, workflow and search engines, graph and database technologies to solve complex problems that traditional technologies cannot. Semaphore brings structure to the unstructured, scales to manage organizational volumes, and supports industry-standard semantic vocabularies and best practices.

The Semaphore Platform

Semaphore Ontology Editor, Classification Server and Semantic Enhancement Server leverage models and metadata to enhance internal and external customer support.

  • Semaphore Ontology Editor - Ontology Editor is a web-based, ontology management application that allows model managers to access and manage their models anytime from anywhere. Our easy to use, feature-rich platform complies with semantic web standards and is used by model builders to collaborate with stakeholders and subject matter experts (SME) to create models that accurately reflect the organization, without the need for lengthy training or a degree in Information Science.
  • Semaphore Classification Server - Classification Server combines precise rulebases, sophisticated natural language processing and entity and fact extraction to give users the best of both worlds – precise and consistent classification results with the ease of automation – reducing the costs, time and pain of manual content classification.
  • Semaphore Semantic Enhancement Server (SES) drives exceptional user search and information discovery experiences. SES is a high-speed, index that allows developers to query an ontology or taxonomy in real-time by providing user interface (UI) components such as Topic Maps, Faceted Search, Visualization, Topic Pages, Related Content, etc. providing users sufficient navigational aids over their content.

The Semaphore Advantage

Semaphore lets you direct customers to relevant information, guide them to new products and services and solve problems before they escalate.


  • Connects information silos across the enterprise to promote reuse, improve collaboration and reduce duplication of effort and rework.
  • Enables customer support to locate the relevant information and efficiently respond to customer queries at the first point of contact.
  • Empowers customers to efficiently find the information they need without engaging customer support using a familiar language and vocabulary saving time and increasing satisfaction.
  • Provides field service, product development and product testing staff access to support information to identify failure points and resolve issues in current and future products.

Semaphore provides global organizations with sophisticated tools and technologies to drive efficient and effective customer self-service delivery. With Semaphore, users can quickly locate the information they need, using a vocabulary they understand to save time and improve customer satisfaction.