Process automation

Automate business processes and reduce overhead costs

What’s the Initiative?

Organizations leverage process automation technologies to drive business processes and improve user interactions that allow organizations to improve data quality. Quality data supports analytics, enhances CX, drives information governance, and processes higher business volumes at a fraction of the time and cost.

Our Approach

Semaphore transforms process automation capabilities with information that brings value and visibility to the enterprise. It removes the layers of information complexity allowing data to be analyzed in new ways to reduce organizational risk and answering questions you couldn’t answer before.

Creating synergy between humans and machines
NLP & Machine Learning

Streamline model development using lexical enrichment, NLP, and machine learning to build your models and classification strategies. You can quickly put them to work to reveal the data needed to make predictions, recommendations, and decisions.


Automate lower value, repetitive work with digital labor - integrate Semaphore models, classification, and fact extraction processes into business workflows and let intelligent machines process routine tasks and escalate exceptions to human operators.

Reduce risk

Automation doesn’t have a learning curve nor get distracted - it simply follows rules. All information is processed in a consistent manner; decisions and outcomes are based on facts, not human judgment.

Provide context and meaning

Semaphore semantically enriches enterprise information with context and meaning, extracts data and facts from text, and classifies documents so they can be accurately tagged and directed to the next step in an RPA or processing pipeline.

Improve data quality

When information is semantically harmonized, quality improves, automation becomes flexible, and a broad range of processes and use cases such as invoice, claim, and medication processing can be automated.

Case Study

Smartlogic and FinTech Organization Deliver Automated Digital Labor to Ease the Pain of Regulatory Compliance

The implementation of a digital labor platform, which consists of innovative semantic technologies, help organizations streamline reporting, improve accuracy, and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.

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White Paper

Taking RPA to the Next Level

Semaphore’s Semantic AI capabilities provide context and meaning to Robotic Process Automation tools.

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