Regulatory Compliance

Industry compliance challenges

The key difference between a financial institution and a life science organization is the domain they operate in. While the requirements of each industry differ there is an underlying commonality; the need to gain insight into structured and unstructured information and use it to mitigate risk and avoid sanctions.

  • Financial Services organizations want to ensure they are in compliance with directives such as, Dodd-Frank, Volcker, Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti Money Laundering (AML) and MiFID-II regulations. In this industry, the cost of regulatory compliance is projected to be 20% of revenue by the year 2020.
  • In the healthcare domain, the need to safeguard patient health and personal information is paramount to keeping in compliance. Organizations need to identify and secure individual fields and information assets to comply with Meaningful Use, PII, HIPPA and other privacy mandates.
  • Life Sciences partners need to quickly and accurately respond to health authority requests, comply with new reporting requirements like IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products), identify deviations from clinical trial protocols and provide accurate information regarding adverse events and clinical risks.
  • High Tech enterprises must comply with export control regulations, which control the release of sensitive equipment, software and technology as a means to promote national security interests of foreign policy objectives.

Semaphore allows an organization to model their business domain and put the knowledge to work across the enterprise. Our ontology management and classification tools enrich each information asset with metadata, extract the data required for regulatory submissions and provide a robust platform that supports information discovery. With Semaphore, organizations can consistently, accurately, and cost effectively harmonize compliance information across data stores and reduce rework and reporting effort.

Semaphore the Intelligent Information platform for regulatory compliance

Semaphore, our Intelligent Information platform, is an enterprise-grade, easy to use semantic platform that integrates with content management systems, workflow and search engines, business application and databases to solve complex problems that traditional technologies cannot. Semaphore brings structure to the unstructured, scales to manage organizational volumes, and supports industry-standard semantic vocabularies. Keep track of information you generate for state and local regulators

With Semaphore organizations can:

  • Extract value from information – automatically extract the concepts, topics, entities, facts, relationships and sentiment from each information asset and express them as semantic industry-standard RDF triples.
  • Enrich assets and make sense of data – Classification Server semantically enriches and applies context to unstructured information using classification models to uncover important facts and key information.
  • Harmonize enterprise information - unify and link information from disparate sources to provide a complete picture of enterprise information that organizations use to make informed key decisions.
  • Drive information discovery – leverage model and metadata information to deliver a compelling search and retrieval experience. Semaphore Integrates with major search engines to find, discover, analyze and govern content.
  • Discover patterns and trends – Semaphore integrates with graph-based technologies that allow you to visualize your model and information assets to discover patterns, connections and trends.

With Semaphore, organizations can derive real business value by reducing costs, mitigating errors and making the process more efficient to improve operations, manage compliance activities and maintain competitive advantage.

Regulatory compliance is more than prevention

Today organizations are looking to extend the reach of their regulatory compliance initiatives across the enterprise and establish best practices, improve information governance and secure sensitive assets. The Semaphore platform enables organizations to incorporate these activities and implement consistent and transparent information governance policies in order to comply with mandates, reduce risk and eliminate sanctions.

With Semaphore:

  • Model-driven, rule-based classification results in a higher degree of consistency in the assessment and tagging of each information asset
  • Best practices are enforced systematically each and every time
  • Classification results are transparent and auditable
  • Complete editorial control of the model and classification; provides the ability to leverage external vocabularies for example, FIBO V; a framework developed by the EDM council that provides a consistent vocabulary, which organizations use to harmonize their data across repositories to support risk analysis and business process automation.
  • Cost savings in storage (information is regularly reviewed and purged) and costs associated with manual processing.

At Smartlogic we work with customers in all industries to mitigate risk and create a culture of compliance where compliance activities are streamlined and part of the process. Our customers can do this today with our ontology management, model-driven classification, visualization and search and discovery tools.