Regulatory Compliance

Close the compliance gap with semantic technologies

What’s the Initiative?

As the estimated costs associated with regulatory compliance continue to rise, US companies will spend more than $1 trillion dollars annually to comply with governmental mandates, reduce risk and eliminate sanctions.

Our Approach

Semaphore leverages a knowledge model, NLP, and sophisticated semantic strategies to apply metadata that organizations use to implement information governance best practices, mitigate risk, and streamline processes.

Close the compliance gap with semantic technologies
Improve Efficiency

Eliminate rework and reduce reporting efforts – compliance information is consistently, accurately, and cost effectively harmonized across data stores.

Data Governance

Information governance best practices are enforced systematically each and every time.

Transparent & Traceable

Outcomes are transparent and traceable - all information is processed in a consistent manner; decisions and outcomes are repeatable and fact-based.

Cost Benefits

Cost savings in storage – information is regularly reviewed and purged.

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