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Real World Evidence - getting value from volume with metadata

August 10, 2017 , Online Webinar

Real World Evidence (RWE) is today’s Big Data problem in Life Sciences. The real problem with RWE is that it comes from the real world. Medical records, consultation reports, insurance claims, pharmacy data, social media, and even surveys with healthcare professionals and patients contain valuable insight that Life Sciences organizations need to determine efficacy and cost effectiveness.

But there is a problem; you didn’t create the information, you don’t control it and each information source has its own vocabulary, format and context. Unless you can put all that information together you can’t derive value. Smartlogic and MarkLogic enable Life Sciences organizations to create a metadata-driven, semantically enriched operational platform that supports an innovative RWE data strategy to:

  • Unify and harmonize information from diverse sources
  • Transform information into evidence that improves patient outcomes
  • Gain insight into patterns, connections and relationships that inform drug development and commercialization

Join Anne Lapkin from Smartlogic and Bill Fox and Nelly Connolly from MarkLogic for a live webinar on Thursday, August 10th at 10:30 AM Central. Explore how Smartlogic and
MarkLogic work together to enable pharmaceutical companies to build effective RWE programs.

About the Presenters

Anne Lapkin is SVP for Global Strategy at Smartlogic; creator of Semaphore, the enterprise class semantic platform. Bill Fox is VP Healthcare and Life Sciences at MarkLogic and Nelly Connolly is Sales Director for Life Sciences at MarkLogic - maker of the world’s best database for integrating data from silos.

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