Extract value from information with Semaphore

Our suite of software tools combine semantic technology and information science to model, interpret, describe, analyze and visualize the information locked within an organization’s content .

With Semaphore, organizations gain insight and value from their unstructured content to drive business processes, comply with governmental regulations, aid e-discovery and drive critical business decisions to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Semaphore auto-classifies information using taxonomies and ontologies to identify the meaningful information it contains. It then creates rich metadata that organizations use to audit data, secure sensitive information, drive workflows, improve search and retrieval and discover relationships and patterns. Ontology Editor lets users model the concepts, topics, products, market segments and organizational structures that are unique to each organization and industry. Classification Server generates rulebases directly from the model and uses those rulebases to auto-classify text. It creates machine readable data that organizations analyze to drive business processes and decisions.

Semaphore simplifies and improves the delivery process that allows you to harmonize your information, drive workflows, secure sensitive information, improve search and retrieval, and archive, migrate and monetize your data. It integrates with content management systems, workflow engines, analytics, business applications and search platforms to maximize your enterprise technology investment.