Solutions by Industry

Smartlogic works with global organizations in the Financial Services, Healthcare, High Tech, Media & Publishing, Pharma and Life Sciences, Government and Intelligence and Energy industries to help harmonize information, improve search and retrieval, drive workflows, secure sensitive information, comply with governmental regulations and replace rigid data warehouse systems with flexible solutions in a fraction of the time and cost to improve operations and gain competitive advantage.

Financial Services

We understand the value complete information brings to the Financial Services marketplace. Semaphore, our sophisticated semantic platform, enables you to quickly make sense of and unify all information into a single platform to drive analytics, comply with regulation and generate new revenue streams to reduce risk and increase profits.


As healthcare organizations struggle to meet patient, government and community requirements, the information they rely on must be precise, complete and consistent. Smartlogic’s Semaphore platform provides global healthcare organizations with the tools and technology to power their organizations.

High Tech

Leading high tech organizations are increasingly aware of the need to differentiate themselves by offering quality products at a reasonable cost with excellent technical support and customer service. Yet as products become more complex and market competition increases, organizations are concerned that organizational efficiency and support costs will consume already thinning profit margins. Semaphore provides the tools and technologies that high tech organizations need to support operational efficiency, improve customer and technical support and exceed customer expectations.

Media and Publishing

In today’s hyper-connected world the shift to digital media presents publishers, information providers and media organizations with unique challenges; from content lifecycle and digital supply chain management to distribution and managing consumer’s expectations and information needs. Media and publishing organizations use Semaphore to support content lifecycle and digital supply chain management so they can deliver targeted and relevant content to their customers on whatever platform they choose.

Pharma & Life Sciences

The process of moving a drug from research and development, through prototype manufacturing to industrial scale manufacture is a long and information intensive process. With the Semaphore platform, Life Sciences organizations can quickly find the most relevant information associated with a process, clinical trial or production development and save time, reduce expenses and eliminate lost opportunities associated with a lack of quality information.

Government & Intelligence

Government and intelligence agencies are under increasing pressure to maximize budgets and minimize development time of solutions that support critical functions. They must deal with the volume, velocity and variable nature of information flowing into their systems to manage the constant demand for open government and information transparency. The Semaphore, lets them to quickly understand and unify all information into a single platform to support key decision-making, comply with governmental mandates and support information transparency initiatives.


The price of asset optimization is costly yet energy companies must optimize; assets are their business. Managing assets with an incomplete picture leads to lower profits and increased risk. With Semaphore’s semantic platform, energy organizations can increase productivity, decrease regulatory exposure, effectively repair and maintain assets and improve contract management.