TCA creates customizable content channels

Successful media and publishing companies are developing and serving content to specialized markets in order to compete with the increase in online, broadcast and corporate publishing, which has created a growing demand for high quality, targeted news and commentary. These specialized sites attract a devoted online following by delivering content, news and interactions that are specifically targeted to their client’s interests.

Tribune SmartContent is an intelligent content service that leverages Semaphore to deliver tailored, customized content feeds to their clients. SmartContent is powered by a sophisticated model that is leveraged to automatically classify all information and apply precise, complete and consistent metadata tags, which identify the relevant topics, geography, and industry sectors associated with each story in their 10 million article archive.

TCA uses Semaphore to build a categorization system that accurately identifies the topic of each story. The sophisticated model that identifies the concepts, topics, subjects and themes found in each article was created in Semaphore Ontology Editor. Semaphore Classification Server leverages the model and applies Natural Language Processing, entity, fact and relationship extraction, subject and thematic classification strategies to identify the context and meaning and apply precise and consistent metadata, which is used to create
targeted news feeds for their subscribers.

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