SharePoint and Office 365

SharePoint and Office 365

Semaphore for SharePoint has a base platform across all SharePoint environments so no matter where you want to collaborate, Semaphore lets you quickly find and use your information.

Our integrated solution with on-premise installations of SharePoint 2016 and 2013 is easy to install and Web Parts that feel, look and function like a native SharePoint installation extend the capabilities of SharePoint functionality.

Azure - Microsoft’s PaaS/IaaS solution - allows users to set up a fully functional virtual environment in the cloud and
leverage all of the capabilities they use on-premise. Semaphore’s installation
and use on Azure have similar capabilities.

Semaphore supports Office 365 installations, including multi-tenancy, and hosted exchange with foundation level functionality for high-quality classification and ontology management.
While Web Parts are not supported in SharePoint online, we provide a full API that can be used to build custom user interfaces using Microsoft’s UI customization tools such as SharePoint FX.

In hybrid installations, where the client has an environment that includes both SharePoint365 and an on-premise or Azure SharePoint instance, Semaphore synchronizes the ontologies and classification strategies to ensure consistent classification across all environments.

Organizations can decrease costs, increase efficiency and improve ROI if enterprise information can be quickly located, governed and managed. Semaphore semantically enriches SharePoint information with precise and consistent metadata allowing organizations to find, use and discover enterprise knowledge to drive key business decisions.

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