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MarkLogic World 2015 Video Interview: Jeremy Bentley

On: April 20, 2015, by: Smartlogic

MarkLogic World 2015 Video Interview: Jeremy Bentley, CEO, Smartlogic spoke with John Furrier and Jeff Kelly on Content Intelligence and the competitive advantage organizations can gain by unlocking the value in their unstructured content. In the interview, Bentley talked about how "Content intelligence" is the starting point for an explosion of innovation in the content space and gave a great history of information systems.

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Medical Technology Business Europe explores how Content Intelligence improves access to medical information

On: March 10, 2015, by: Smartlogic

The healthcare industry faces great challenges in organizing and accessing information they need to meet patient needs.

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Smartlogic Receives U.S. Army Certificate of Networthiness (CoN)

On: February 20, 2015, by: Smartlogic

Smartlogic today announced that the Smartlogic Semaphore Content Intelligent Platform has been awarded the Certificate of Networthiness by the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command.

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Automating the synchronization of a model with MarkLogic

On: January 19, 2015, by: Smartlogic

There are multiple ways to synchronize a classification model in Semaphore with MarkLogic, and your use case drives the method you choose.

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“Select Science” highlights how Smartlogic can help healthcare workers find information when they need it most

On: April 12, 2014, by: Ann Kelly

Select Science, an online publication that publishes expert opinions, has posted an article written by Jeremy Bentley, Smartlogic CEO. It talks about how content intelligence assists healthcare professionals in finding exactly the information they need for their patients from the thousands of documents available to them. Read more about it on the Select Science website.

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MarkLogic recognizes Smartlogic with Partner Excellence Award

On: April 12, 2014, by: Ann Kelly

MarkLogic gives Smartlogic partner award for its ability to enrich text with triples and XML, powering semantic search.

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