Metadata Supercharges Energy Sector

Posted on: July 18, 2016, by: Smartlogic

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Energy organizations around the world face unique challenges; a rapidly changing economic climate, increased government regulation and a public focus on environmental issues. In order to remain competitive and increase profits, they must manage and optimize all energy assets with complete information, which is scattered across the enterprise. Managing assets with incomplete information leads to lower profits and increased risk.

With Semaphore’s ontology management, auto-classification and semantic search tools, energy organizations can unify information from disparate silos, precisely and consistently tag all information to improve user search and retrieval, drive analytics, manage information governance and support efficient operations.

Using Semaphore’s semantic platform, energy organizations can:

  • Effectively maintain and repair energy assets – the ability to perform timely maintenance, repair and inspections are key to utilization and ROI. When the right information can be quickly located i.e. schematics, safety information and maintenance records, equipment maintenance and repairs are efficient.
  • Decrease regulatory exposure – creating a business vocabulary and using it to consistently interpret, analyze, and describe all information assets, reduces the number of maintenance incidents that are the result of out-of-date or missing information.
  • Secure intellectual property – the ability to identify and secure information assets protects enterprise trade secrets, patents, and intellectual property. Organizations continue to maintain a competitive advantage.