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Posted on: September 26, 2018, by: Ann Kelly

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CEO Corner

The Importance of Semantic AI

Implementing AI applications is an important topic for organizations embracing digital transformation. According to Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018: Intelligent Apps and Analytics, by 2020, thirty percent of CIO’s will include AI in their top five investment priorities.

Semantic AI is more than “another machine learning algorithm,” It combines a number of AI technologies including machine learning, natural language processing and semantic processing as a collaborative interplay between humans and machines to drive analytics, automation and insight. This approach allows machines, as well as people, to understand, share and reason on data, be it structured, semi-structured or unstructured; internal or external to the enterprise. From a UX perspective, semantic AI provides far more intelligent, capable, relevant, and responsive interaction than with traditional information technologies alone.

Different from traditional information processing methods, Semantic AI encodes meaning and context separately from data, content files, and application code. This allows analytics, insight, and information automation projects to be quickly implemented and deliver high data veracity. Crucially, meaning and context are controlled and moderated by subject matter experts capturing their domain knowledge in ontologies (models). The Semantic AI engine, in our case Semaphore, delivers this as high-quality metadata – which is “reasoned through” data.

Semantic AI provides an abstraction layer on top of existing IT technologies that enable bridging and interconnection of data, content, and processes without human intervention every time there is a change. With semantics, adding, changing and implementing new relationships or interconnecting programs in a new way can be as simple as changing the external model the programs share.

Traditional information technology requires meanings and relationships are predefined and “hard-wired” into data formats and application program code at design time. This means that when something changes, humans must get involved. Off-line, the parties must define and communicate between them the knowledge needed to make the change, recode the data structures and program logic to accommodate it, and then apply these changes to the database and the application. Then, and only then, can they implement the changes.

Semantically enriched data provides value to the enterprise:

  • Data veracity: Semantically enriched data provides a basis for improved data quality, which results in a higher precision of prediction
  • Data-driven decision making: Semantic AI provides a holistic view of all enterprise
  • Transparency: Semantic AI provides an infrastructure that eliminates information differences
  • Standards-based: Linked data, based on W3C Semantic Web standards, promotes reuse and links

At Smartlogic, we focus on enabling our solutions to solve complex data challenges within Global 2000 information-intensive organizations.

Best Regards,

Jeremy Bentley

CEO and Founder

Semaphore and AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful paradigm that is reshaping industries and organizations across the globe and with good reason — the promise is compelling. The ability to automate higher-order work functions using digital rather than human labor at a fraction of the cost, and with improved results, has become a global disruptive force. McKinsey estimates that “the adaptation of currently demonstrated automation technologies could affect 50 percent of the world economy, or 1.2 billion employees and $14.6 trillion in wages — China, India, Japan, and the United States — account for just over half of these totals.”

Today, AI is not mature enough to provide full autonomous decision support. It can, however, automate the next level of repetitive work, which is compelling from a cost and efficiency perspective. There is a data quality yield as well, the consistent application of digital-driven processes result in accurate and traceable outcomes. This data veracity is important, as the quality of information affects analytics and the fidelity of business decisions.

Smartlogic’s Enterprise Semantic Platform Semaphore is both inclusive and additive to AI. It includes AI methods to Make Data Great and deliver enterprise intelligence and it adds to graph-based analytics; cognitive computing, process automation, and other AI engines to support Assisted Intelligence solutions. Semaphore provides faster processing, at higher capacity and lower cost with consistency and quality – assisting humans by preparing, cleaning and enriching the information needed for machine-driven automation and higher order human decision support. With Semaphore, AI allows organizations to monetize, manage and measure enterprise information as an asset and deliver value to their digital ecosystem.

To learn how Semaphore can improve your AI strategy, read our Semaphore and AI whitepaper

Product and Services News

New - Smartlogic Semaphore Managed Services -SSMS

The Smartlogic Semaphore Managed Service offering guarantees that your models are well maintained and up to date. If you subscribe to our Classification Managed Service, your metadata creation will be monitored and optimized to the highest quality. Our team collaborates with your business users, subject matter experts and in-house information team using Semaphore’s Review Tools, so that you can quickly incorporate new information and put your model to work solving real business problems throughout the enterprise.

To learn more about Smartlogic’s Semaphore Managed Service offering, contact your Smartlogic Sales Account Manager


Press Releases

Smartlogic is named a leader in Garter Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions

Smartlogic Semaphore Inc. makers of the world-class semantic platform Semaphore, today announced it has been positioned for the second year, as a Leader in the 2018 Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management Solutions. Smartlogic was also recently recognized in the July 2018 Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

“We’re pleased to be positioned in the Gartner Magic Quadrants again this year,” Jeremy Bentley, CEO Smartlogic. “As information continues to explode and markets, regulations, and industries evolve, organizations will need complete and precise information to tackle strategic business initiatives. To do this, they must deploy systems that leverage semantic platforms, AI and machine learning strategies that automatically analyze, create and apply rich metadata to improve the functionality of repositories, analytics, search and transactional systems.”

Read the full press release


Smartlogic is Gold Sponsor of KMWorld 2018

Join us November 6th through 8th in Washington, D.C. at the JW Marriott for the enterprise-focused events of the year — KMWorld 2018, Taxonomy Boot Camp, Enterprise Search & Discovery, Text Analytics Forum, and Office 365 Symposium. These events, offer a wide-ranging program focused to meet the needs of executives and strategic business and technology decision makers. It is a must attend for those concerned with improving their organizations’ bottom line, business processes, and productivity, as well as streamlining operations and accelerating development and innovation within their evolving enterprises.

Don’t miss CEO Jeremy Bentley’s presentation at KMWorld on Tuesday, November 6th at 11:45 am; Text Analytics Forum on Thursday, November 8th at 10:15 am; and the Ask the Expert panel on Wednesday, November 7th at 4 pm. Use our VIP code VIPSMA to get a registration discount.


If you missed our webinar: Driving logistics and transportation with a semantic metadata hub, you can still get the playback with this link.

If you missed our webinar: Semantics in the Age of Digital Transformation, you can still get the playback using this link.

Smartlogic’s User Community Forum October and November Dates

Smartlogic’s User Community Forum is an opportunity for Smartlogic customers and partners to share and discuss best practices, lessons learned and Information Management topics and trends with like-minded Semaphore users. Our monthly meeting occurs on the first Wednesday of each month from 11 am to 12 pm Eastern:

  • October forum will be held on the 3rd
  • November forum will be held on 7th

To register, go to

Semaphore Training

Smartlogic provides training so your team can get the most from the Semaphore platform. Smartlogic will be conducting our full set of Online Semaphore training courses beginning September 10th, 2018. The Semaphore Foundation Course is underway, but there is still time to register for the Advanced and Administration courses.

NewSemaphore Advanced Training begins October 15th

Semaphore Administration Training (Windows-based) begins December 3rd

To learn more about each course, view our events page at

To register for courses, email us at or contact your Smartlogic Sales Representative.

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