Semaphore Applies Content Intelligence to Government and Intelligence Agencies

on: May 02, 2016, by: Ann Kelly

Whether you’re a government agency who provides services to families and children, manages healthcare reform or needs to analyze a hostile situation to support ground troops, the ability to unify information into a single source and use it to make time-sensitive decisions can directly affect outcomes.

When needed information is locked up in disparate silos, stored in multiple formats and the vocabulary used to describe each item is domain specific, governmental agencies must have the tools and technology that allow them to unify all information into a single platform so they can provide complete and up-to-date information to support research, information gathering and key decision making efforts.

With Semaphore government and intelligence agencies can:
The Semaphore platform provides the tools and technologies to government and intelligence agencies to unify disparate silos, provide context to their information assets and deliver a compelling search and retrieval experience to deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

  • Define their organization - model the topics, concepts and vocabulary that uniquely define your organization and content.
  • Apply rich metadata – generate rulebases from the model and use them to semantically enrich each information asset with precise and consistent metadata and express the output as industry-standard RDF triples.
  • Discover new relationships – using the contextually rich triples, Semaphore identifies relationships and brings them to light in real-time, to visualize and discover new insights.
  • Aggregate and link disparate data sources – unifies and links information from disparate sources to provide a complete picture of all information; agencies can make informed critical decisions.
  • Drive relevant search – leverages model and metadata information to deliver a compelling search and retrieval experience. Integrates with major content management, search engines and graph databases so you can find, discover, analyze and govern content.

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