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Posted on: June 16, 2020, by: Ann Kelly

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CEO Corner

Digital Transformation in Uncertain Times

As we watch these unusual global crises unfold, I want to reach out to the Smartlogic community first and foremost to wish you and your families’ health and safety during this time. If nothing else, COVID has shown us that nothing is more important than the health of ourselves, our families, and the communities we live in.

Uncertain times call for deliberate measures and many organizations are slowing their digital transformation initiatives to preserve capital. But history (and McKinsey) tell a different story - organizations that take a future-focused approach to position their organization in unpredictable circumstances are better positioned when the economy rebounds.

McKinsey calls these companies the resilients and they are the ones that do significantly better after any economic knock.

Today, with 80 percent of revenue growth tied to digital offerings and operations over the next three years, business leaders should assess their current transformation program based on business, financial, and relationship impacts:

  • Business impact – should current initiatives be reprioritized based on intended outcomes/impact?
  • Risk & Compliance – what is the short and long-term risk of canceling or delaying an initiative to the enterprise?
  • Financial – What direct and indirect financial impacts will the program have?
  • Cultural – How will cutting transformation initiatives impact the current and future corporate culture?
  • Third-party – How will the elimination/reprioritization of initiative affect partner relationships?

By reprioritizing rather than eliminating transformation programs, to align with today’s needs, IT capability development, a critical outcome of digital transformation, continues and positions the business for the future.

Smartlogic customers use our Semantic AI platform to manage information-intensive initiatives that allow them to accelerate growth, prevent revenue leakage, minimize risk, govern enterprise information, and deliver value to their organization, customers, and partners. Our team is here to support you in your digital transformation endeavors.

We are all in this together. As it has always been, our success is predicated by your success and we remain at your service.

Jeremy Bentley

CEO and Founder

Semantic AI Enables Multi-channel Tax Advisory Innovation

Rapidly advancing technologies, evolving customer expectations, and an ever-changing regulatory landscape are disrupting the Financial Services sector. From crypto-currencies to big data to peer-to-peer lending, Financial Services organizations need innovative technologies to change the way they structure, deliver, and maintain services to improve CX and support growth.

Within Financial Services, advisors who provide tax planning and compliance consulting services must have the most current information in real-time to maintain and create customer relationships. Learn how one multinational Financial Services organization deployed Smartlogic’s Semantic AI platform Semaphore to harmonize all enterprise tax knowledge to decrease costs, improve quality, and position the company as a technology-enabled innovator.

Download our complimentary case study.


Smartlogic Releases Semaphore Version 5 to Semaphore Cloud

Semaphore Version 5 general access for Semaphore Cloud is now available. Cloud customers can upgrade to S5 to take advantage of the new innovative technologies and strategies that deliver unified user experiences, enhanced interoperability, and flexible integration.

Semaphore expands SharePoint integration

Smartlogic application integration packs include support for the SharePoint platform. We are happy to announce Semaphore’s general access release of our SP2019 application integration pack.

Knowledge Model Management (KMM) to include Lexical Enrichment Side Panel (LEX) in Semaphore

Beginning with Semaphore version 5.0.3, Smartlogic’s KMM component will include the Lexical enrichment side panel (LEX) automatically enabled. LEX allows for the rapid enrichment of Semaphore managed models by suggesting candidate vocabulary in English via Semaphore Cloud service. LEX leverages ML techniques and has been trained with public data sources including Wikipedia. It can be accessed using Semaphore on-premise or Semaphore Cloud.

For details and additional questions on all product announcements, please contact your Smartlogic Account Manager.


Smartlogic’s User Community Forum

Our next User Community Forum meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 8th at 11 am Eastern. If you haven’t signed up yet DO IT TODAY – it’s a great opportunity to meet and connect with like-minded Semaphore users to exchange tips, tricks, and best practices with the Semaphore platform and Knowledge Management topics.


Semaphore Spring Training is complete and we’re gearing up for fall classes. To register, email us at or contact your Smartlogic Account Manager.

Important Fall Dates

  • Foundation Training - Begins September 14th. Last day to register is September 4th
  • Advanced Training – Begins October 19th. Last day to register is October 9th
  • Administration Training – Begins November 30th. Last day to register is November 20th
  • Fact Extraction Framework Training – Begins November 30th. Last day to register is November 20th

To learn more about our classes, visit our Training page.


If you missed our webinar: Using Semantic AI for Investigative Analytics with our CEO Jeremy Bentley, you can get the playback here.

If you missed our webinar: Semantic AI-Powered Text Analytics Accelerate Business Outcomes with Smartlogic’s Bob St. Clair and partner Tom Reamy, you can get the playback here.

More webinars are in the works, keep an eye on our events page for announcements and registration information.

Smartlogic’s Social Media

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