Semaphore Cloud

Semaphore Cloud is a set of on-demand subscription services that provide Semaphore for a broad range of customers regardless of size, type or location, who need to access our enterprise semantic platform functionality to manage mission critical tasks. Semaphore Cloud is Software as a Service via an enterprise-grade collection of modules that scale as your requirements evolve.

Semaphore Cloud provides sophisticated semantic capabilities to the cloud, allowing customers to derive meaning from information assets in the same way hundreds of Semaphore on-premise customers do today. Semaphore can be deployed on-premise; in a hybrid environment; and fully as a Cloud service. If you’re operating in a hybrid environment, with some of your data on-premise and some in the cloud, you will enjoy the benefits of consistent and precise metadata across both platforms without missing a beat.

Semaphore Cloud benefits

Semaphore Cloud eliminates expenses associated with hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance. It reduces the hassles of software installation and support of applications on company computers or in data centers. Cloud services ensure you have up-to-date software versions and updates; reducing the burden on in-house staff or the need for expensive external contractors.

Our services are scalable; organizations consume only the services they need to manage the ebb and flow of their business. Services are billed on a monthly basis so you can transition costs to a recurring operating expense. And as usage, environment and service demands change, Semaphore provides an easy and economical upgrade path to support your enterprise.

Modular services that support your needs

Semaphore Cloud
Model Scale & Collaborate Integrate & Visualize Automatic Classification Language & Fact Extraction Enhanced User Experience

Semaphore Cloud is a modular set of cloud-based services, which can be easily extended as business requirements change:

  • Model – manage semantic models, such as ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri and controlled vocabularies in a single user instance of Ontology Editor. This environment is perfect for small models, in a single language that do not require linking to other models or vocabularies.
  • Scale and Collaborate – multi-user environment, which supports medium size models, multiple languages and the ability to link in other models and vocabularies. Provides model development collaboration and feedback loops that integrate subject matter experts into the model building process.
  • Integrate and Visualize – multi-user environment, which supports larger models, ontology mapping, SPARQL end point access, HTML5 visualization and JSON LD API integration.
  • Automatic Classificationauto classify information and apply precise, complete and consistent metadata by leveraging rulebases, natural language algorithms and sophisticated semantic strategies. Provides classification review tools to analyse and refine classification outcomes and supports a single repository interface (for example, SharePoint 365).
  • Language and fact extraction - analyse information, create metadata or suggest candidate concepts for the model using text mining and entity extraction processes.
  • Enhanced user experience - a web front end that delivers an out-of-the-box semantic search experience.

Semaphore Cloud leverages semantics and the Semaphore platform so you can:

  • Build models faster
    • Semaphore Ontology Editor is browser based for simple collaboration. Subject matter experts and information scientists can access models anytime, from anywhere and work on multiple models at the same time. You can quickly build models and reduce operational costs using Semaphore.

  • Implement good governance
    • Model changes are task-centric to drive workflows and improve feedback loops that mimic the way teams work. Information governance policies can be applied to model changes where model managers review and approve modifications before committing them to production.

  • Ensure interoperability
    • Semaphore fully supports semantic technology standards. These standards provide a common framework that allow technology to create meaningful relationships between disparate resources and make the meaning of those resources explicit.

  • Facilitate reuse
    • The ability to connect internal models and incorporate public domain models into their ontology building process allow organizations to leverage internal knowledge as well as the accumulated knowledge in almost every public domain.

  • Improve findability and analytics
    • Semaphore Classification Server has improved the precision and consistency of the classification processes. Discovery of entities and facts within documents and additional fact extraction rules improve classification results that drive analytic processes and improve search and retrieval.

These proven solutions supported by our stable and reliable backend and downstream services will follow you to the cloud to provide the solid functionality you’ve come to expect from the Semaphore platform.

Semaphore Cloud Development

Semaphore Cloud Development supports Smartlogic partners and developers with a low cost, non-production environment that allow developers to incorporate the Semaphore platform into their products and solutions. This edition runs on a single virtual machine with 1 or 2 CPU cores and can be quickly provisioned to immediately take advantage of the power of Semaphore. The platform is ideal for small projects and proof of concept applications that have simple architecture requirements.

Semaphore Cloud - hosted environment

A Semaphore Cloud hosted environment provides a scalable solution for customers who are looking for a fully functional Semaphore installation hosted by Smartlogic. A hosted solution eliminates the hassles and expenses associated with hardware acquisition, provisioning and maintenance. It reduces the time and effort of software installation and support of applications on company computers or in data centers. Hosting services include, environment and Semaphore Cloud commissioning, operating environment maintenance and release management.

To learn more about Semaphore Cloud, features and pricing contact us at or contact your sales representative