Improve knowledge management from development to manufacturing

Commercializing a promising drug can take 6 to 10 years, followed by a decade long manufacture period which undergoes continuous process improvement. Along the way, the enterprise accumulates information about formulations, manufacturing methods and supply chain details from:

  • A wide variety of groups across the enterprise
  • With each group using language and vocabulary specific to their business unit
  • Housed in disparte locations and in different formats

Effective knowledge management is essential for bridging these pockets to drive reuse across groups and products. Making content findable decreases development time, avoids manufacturing delays and leads to higher quality.

View this video to hear Merck representatives Adam Duckworth, Associate Director, Knowledge Management Center of Excellence (KM CoE), and Douglas Arnold, Director, Account Manager of Pipeline and Knowledge Management, MMD Information Technology, as they talk about how they’re using Semaphore to improve knowledge flow across all stages of the drug development and manufacturing pipeline.