Smartlogic solves Life Sciences Company Challenges

In today’s marketplace, Life Sciences companies face many challenges; development costs are skyrocketing, government regulation and reporting requirements are increasing and directors and boards are demanding profitability for their shareholders. At the same time, they’re inundated with increasing volumes of structured and unstructured information from a wide variety of sources in multiple formats at a velocity that continues to rise.

This flood of information, in particular the unstructured content, contains most of the valuable intelligence of the organization that traditional information management technologies cannot process nor interpret. To keep pace and remain profitable, companies must implement technology that addresses these challenges – unlocking the value in the unstructured information in order to reduce organizational and regulatory exposure, decrease time and cost of new drug development and make manufacturing processes more efficient.

To learn how Semaphore, Smartlogic’s Content Intelligence platform, addresses these challenges with our taxonomy and ontology managment, auto classification and search tools, download our complimentary case study.

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