Webinar: Taming the regulatory tiger - applying semantics to regulatory change management

From CEOs to board members to operational managers, regulatory compliance is an ongoing concern. In a rapidly changing marketplace where complex regulations come from multiple regulatory bodies, the consequences of non-compliance can be costly to the enterprise in time, money and damage to their reputation.

JWG, a London think tank, has created RegDelta – a state-of-the-art regulatory change management platform - that allows individual stakeholders to quickly understand the impact of regulations and maintain a single source of truth for their regulatory obligations.

Hear Elliot Burgess, Head of Product and Client Services at JWG and Paul Gunstone, Sales Director at Smartlogic:

  • Discuss the challenges organizations face identifying and complying with relevant regulations
  • JWG’s approach to taming the regulatory tiger with semantics
  • See a demo of the JWG RegDelta platform

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