Enterprise Knowledge Graphs

Reinvent knowledge management in your organization

​What’s the Trend?

Now that organizations have mastered the art of storing data, they need to derive value from it in a silo free manner. Enterprise Knowledge Graphs address today’s biggest business challenge - to process real-time sources of information and retrieve knowledge from data stored in disparate systems.

​Our Approach

Semaphore’s Semantic AI capabilities combine with graph technology to identify and extract the valuable information hidden in unstructured text and siloed structured information into a single harmonized datastore. Organizations leverage this semantically harmonized and enriched data, which is of high quality and contains the full set of enterprise information, to integrate data, discover knowledge, and perform in-depth analysis across the enterprise.

Reinvent knowledge management in your organization
Harmonize data silos

Semaphore knowledge models harmonize diverse or varied data sources to reveal corporate wisdom and answer questions that prevent revenue leakage, minimize risk, and accelerate growth.

Integrate with any graph technology

Semaphore knowledge models are stored in a standard graph format, which allows you to easily integrate with any graph technology.

Revolutionize decision-making

Integrate Semaphore’s semantic capabilities with graph technologies and take decision-making to the next level. Transform structured and unstructured data into unified information to gain new insight and demonstrate ROI.

Future-proof your data

Semaphore is built on W3C standards – models are stored in RDF and data is reusable. This allows you to incorporate internal and industry-standard models, reference data, and Open Linked Data to improve reuse, control access, and enable model/data governance.

Quality data equals quality decisions

Semaphore enables you to discover and extract the hidden facts within your data that support corporate decision-making. Revealing quality contextual data is how we REVEAL SMARTER DECISIONS.

White Paper

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs and Semaphore

Enterprise Knowledge Graphs enable organizations to represent their own subject matter; they connect things (i.e. subjects, symptoms, treatments in healthcare) of different types in a systematic way and make it easy to define different business concepts. Semaphore easily integrates with any graph technology in the enterprise and provides an efficient and cost-effective way to harmonize and process information housed in data silos.

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